Info For Patients

Why was my pathology specimen sent to Aquesta Pathology?

Aquesta Pathology is a nationally recognized laboratory for the diagnosis of urologic disorders. We are known for our vast expertise in this field including diagnosis and prognostication of prostate, bladder , kidney, penile and testicular cancer. In addition to our unparalleled volume of consultation cases we report nearly 1000 radical prostatectomy cases each year. Because of this extensive experience, your urologist recognizes that we can provide the most accurate diagnoses and second opinions as well as sound recommendations regarding management.

Why was a specimen taken for pathology?

A tissue diagnosis is essential for a definitive diagnosis of tumours and most non-tumourous conditions in which tissues have been removed. This information is crucial for your future management

Was I informed that tissue will be sent for pathology?

Yes. Each patient has been informed by the urologist that tissue will be sent for pathology

Will I receive a copy of my results?

Results are sent directly to your urologist and general practitioner if the urologist has requested this. Results are not sent to the patient unless the urologist has requested us to do so.