Instructions for sending biopsy for consultation

Why request a second opinion?

Aquesta Pathology is a nationally recognized laboratory for the diagnosis of urologic disorders. We are known for our vast expertise in this field, in particular for the diagnosis and prognostication of prostate cancer. In addition to our unparalleled volume of needle biopsy consultation cases we report nearly 1000 radical prostatectomy cases each year. Because of this extensive experience, we can provide the most accurate diagnoses and second opinions.

How long will it take to get a second opinion?

Some laboratories insist on receiving a request for a second opinion from the treating urologist or patient. Pathologists who have signed out a case may also request a second opinion.  Once we have received a case written reports of results are electronically downloaded or faxed to contributors within 24 to 48 hours. When requested, Dr. Samaratunga, Dr LeFevre or Dr Perry-Keene will talk to urologists to discuss the results and recommendations for management


Slides or tissue blocks or both are sent for evaluation. The laboratory provides expert evaluation of urological pathology specimens, using light microscopy with immunohistochemistry as appropriate for each case. Immunohistochemistry includes the PIN4 cocktail stain for HMWCK/p63/AMACR and others as needed.  Slides sent for consultation are returned automatically to contributors within two weeks.

To request a second opinion

Call secretarial staff at 07 38769669 between 9:00am and 5.30pm or e-mail us at

Special instructions

Send slides in break-resistant packaging by courier or express mail to:

Aquesta Pathology
21 Lissner Street
Queensland 4066