Hemamali Samaratunga MBBS LRCP MRCS FRCPA FRCPath











Prof Hemamali Samaratunga is the Managing Director of Aquesta Specialised Uropathology. She is an internationally recognized uropathologist with extensive experience in Genitourinary Pathology. She has ongoing research interests in prostate, kidney and bladder cancer and is the author of over 230 scientific articles in National and International Peer reviewed journals. International research collaborators include groups from the USA, New Zealand, Sweden and France. She is an Editorial Board member of the journals Pathology, Analytical and Quantitative Histology and Cytology, Open Access Journal of Urology and the Turkish Journal of Pathology and is a reviewer for over 15 medical journals including Journal of Urology, Histopathology, Modern PathologyHuman Pathology, UrologyBJU International, Expert Review of Anti-cancer Therapy, World Journal of Surgical Oncology, Scandinavian Journal of Urology, Open Access Journal of Urology, Asian Journal of Urology, Journal of Clinical Pathology, International Brazilian Journal of Urology. Clinical Medicine: Pathology and Virchow Archives.

Prof Samaratunga was a contributor to the 2004, 2015 and 2022 World Health Organization (WHO) books on Classification of Tumours: Pathology and Genetics of Tumours of the Urinary and Male Reproductive System. She participated in the 2015 revision of the WHO Tumour Classification in Zurich, Switzerland (4th edition) as member, Prostate Tumour Panel.

She was a member of the 2005 International Society of Urological Pathology (ISUP) Consensus Conference on Gleason grading of prostatic carcinoma. She was a also a working group member of the 2009 ISUP Consensus Conference on Handling and Reporting of Radical Prostatectomy specimens, the 2012 ISUP Consensus Conference on Handling and Staging of Kidney Cancer and a participant/committee member of the ISUP Consensus Conference on prostate cancer grading in 2014. In 2014, she was the Co-leader of the “Tumor Quantification” subgroup (the influence of tumour extent measurements and other pathological findings in active surveillance protocols) of the ISUP Consensus Conference on active surveillance in prostate cancer. She was a Panel Member, of the working group on Intraductal Carcinoma of Prostate in the International Society of Urological Pathology Consensus Conference on prostate cancer grading held in September 2019 in Nice, France.

Prof. Samaratunga was an Expert Panel Member, of the ISUP working group on Cribriform carcinoma of the prostate. She is also a member of the expert committee on Grading of Urothelial Carcinoma.

Prof. Samaratunga served  as International Councillor for Australasia and Oceania from 2006 to 2015 and as Secretary of the ISUP from 2015 to 2019. She is currently, International Councillor of the International Academy of Pathology. She has delivered over 120 invited lectures on genitourinary pathology, locally, nationally and internationally including the USA, Canada, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Sri Lanka, India, Taiwan, Singapore, South Africa, Korea, UK, Sweden, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia. Recently, she was a representative of the Expert Groups formulating structured reporting protocols for the Royal College Pathologists of Australasia on kidney, testis and prostate cancer and chairperson of the structured reporting protocol for bladder cancer.

She was the Convener and Moderator of the Annual ISUP Companion Meeting in conjunction with the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology meeting in the USA from 2013 to 2015. She has also been the Convener of the Uropathology Companion Meetings of the Australasian Division of the International Academy of Pathology. She provides consultation advice on genitourinary pathology locally, nationally and internationally.

In 2022 Prof. Samaratunga was awarded the Grawitz Medal by the International Society of Urological Pathology – the first Grawitz Medal awarded to an Australian. The Grawitz Medal is awarded by the International Society of Urological Pathology for sustained contributions to the advancement of uropathology.

She is currently the RCPA Genitourinary Series Chair of the Structured Pathology Reporting of Cancer and the Convener of the RCPAQAP Urology Diagnostic Program



Joanna Perry-Keene MBBS, FRCPA

Dr Jo Perry-Keene is a local graduate from the University of Queensland and did her residency at Royal Brisbane Hospital. She undertook further training in Anatomical Pathology in many laboratories in Queensland with a broad exposure to general and specialist surgical and autopsy pathology. Awarded her RCPA Fellowship in Anatomical Pathology in 2007, she also works in a tertiary referral hospital and has developed subspecialty interest and expertise in uropathology, paediatric/perinatal pathology and medical kidney pathology. Under the mentorship of Hema Samaratunga her interest in uropathology has been fostered and expanded. She has recently been elected as the ISUP International Councillor for Australasia and Oceania.

Ian Keith LeFevre  MBBS, FRCPA

Dr Ian Le Fevre obtained his medical degree from the University of Queensland in 1980 (MBBS Hons 1). He did his residency at the Repatriation General Hospital at Greenslopes. He trained in Anatomical Pathology for five years at Royal Brisbane Hospital and was awarded the RCPA fellowship in Anatomical Pathology in 1987. He trained for a further six months at the Brompton Hospital in London in pulmonary pathology. Following his return to Australia he spent twenty three years as a pathologist and partner at Queensland Medical Laboratory when he also had several visiting positions at Queensland Hospitals including Royal Brisbane Hospital. During this time he developed expertise in Urological Pathology and Thoracic Pathology. He joined Aquesta Pathology in January of 2012.